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Our History

Built in 1796 by two Windsor brothers, the house has the original 6 fireplaces including a beehive oven. The house was purchased and renovated by Bernard and Mary Ellen Smith in 1978. In 1990, it was remodeled more extensively; all floors were restored and the kitchen was enlarged by adding six feet to the western ell.

Much of the 28 acres of the farm was forest land. The Smiths harvested the majority of the woods for their farm. Three ponds were installed to help with irrigation. In 2017, Gil & Sandie Barden of Barden Family Orchard purchased the farm. They continue to cultivate and manage the 6 acres of blueberries, 3 acres of apples, peaches and large patches of blackberries and raspberries. They strive to maintain the legacy of growing high quality fruits and vegetables that the Smiths began 30 years ago.

Member RI Fruit Growers Association

Member RI Fruit Growers Association

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387 Saw Mill Road | North Scituate, RI 02857  | (401) 934-0741